Pollinator pathway

We all need security and gratifying paths as we move throughout our cities. The enjoyability of our cities and the influence of nature on the wellbeing of pollinators are not mutually exclusive, however insects are rarely taken into consideration in city planning and development. This is why we are launching the Pollinators Path project in which all city citizens can participate by making their own environment more enjoyable, but more importantly by making their environment more liveable for all the bees, butterflies and other small insects to travel through.

Anyone can participate in this campaign by creating resting spaces or “pitstops” (beestops!!!) for pollinators in your own yards or on strata grounds. You can start by planting small plants in planters or vases and gradually increase to larger surfaces. By participating in the creation of pollination paths, you are also helping the plants, flowers and comestibles in your surroundings pollinate. Ensuring the health of both flowers and berries at the same time as you create a more enjoyable and liveable city environment where both humans and pollinators can live happily together.

For more information, please contact


Tel. Pia Pale p. +358 44 358 8826

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